Welcome to my page, a normal and average human being breathing the same air like you. My page is just to express and share anything which we usually might talk about or not.

I hope you will be enjoy it. Don’t need to hate or criticize me or my work; we all have our right to think, assume or experience so, take a chill pill and be my guest …..

Latest from the Blog

Life & my POV

The line of the life can never be straight, we all have some kind of problems, insecurities, competition, struggles, trust, health & mental issues. Some are aware of it and some are not. We all are imperfect but still we can be perfect with our imperfections. Ending life or closing eyes is not a braveContinue reading “Life & my POV”

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Some things cannot be explained you just have to experience it, yourself.


hope for best and be yourself

Life is short, try to be polite and kind. Have a beautiful day and time. Keep smiling and shine like you do. You are YOU, imperfectly perfect….

Stay safe you graceful & fascinating human beings 😉


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